The agricultural sector and the agri-food production and processing sector are playing an increasingly important role for European policy, since, in addition to being one of the pillars of the Community economy, they may be able to absorb new forces - young people - and new investments - in innovation, research and development, in order to become more competitive and to come closer to the increasingly evolved and complex expectations of consumers.

Agriculture, in fact, must progress and advance not only in the final characteristics of the "product", but also in its production processes to provide quality and safe products, made by taking into account also other factors of fundamental importance such as the environment.

Understanding this need for change, with the integration of concepts of ethics, sustainability and modernity in the agricultural sector, can make the entire sector more competitive and profitable and therefore able to attract new vital forces and new ideas, in a virtuous circle that brings benefits not only to employees, but also and above all to consumers.

It is in this context that the information and promotion programme wanted by FROM® Italian Alps and the European Union is included.

FROM® - the Proposing Organization

FROM® Società Agricola Cooperativa is a cooperative which was established in 2009, and based in Terlano, in the province of Bolzano (Italy).
FROM® has 4 members which are recognized as organizations of producers and Association of Producer organizations by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF):

  • VOG Terlano Società Agricola Cooperativa
  • VIP, Società Agricola Cooperativa
  • La Trentina, Cooperativa a.r.l. *
  • Melinda, Cooperativa a.r.l. *
  • VOG Products, Società Agricola Cooperativa

* Together as unique member APOT from October 2019

The members of FROM® include 11,050 producers (70.5% of all Italian producers) and employ around 3,629 operators, in addition to 5 employees who work for FROM. The total marketable production of the FROM’s members in 2016 was 1,333 thousand of tons, corresponding to 66.5% of overall Italian production. The total exports amounted to 603,474 tons in 2016.

The territory on which FROM® and its members operate is Trentino Alto Adige, where they cultivate 28,000 hectares of apples orchards, with an altitude between 300 and 1000 meters. This is the element that allows to produce high quality fruits every year thanks to a unique combination of environment and production skills. From® apples grow on the rocky, mineral-rich soil of the Italian Alps, where they breathe the pure air of our forests and absorb the crystal clear water that flows directly from the Alpine glaciers.

FROM® and its members can offer a wide range of varieties including some of the best new club varieties.

About the program

The program has the aim to promote in the target countries the value of the European apples originating in the Italian Alps. The objective is to strengthen and increase the competitiveness of this product outside the EU and in particular in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam – this one opened to Italian apples for the first time for the 2019/2020 season. The 3-year programme - from 2019 to 2021- aims to increase brand awareness and the preferability of apples produced by FROM® and to differentiate FROM® in India by emphasizing its healthiness and the origin of the Italian Alps.

The activities

The programme will be developed through a series of events and initiatives such as public relations, creation of a website and social media channels and awareness-raising activities which will involve: sponsoring for specific events (fairs, sport events), activities in points of sales, samplings, radio spots, press conferences, on ground activations, incoming missions from the target countries, participation to trade fair.

The Target groups:

  • Professionals and operators of the agri-food sector and of the HO.RE.CA. sector especially importers, distributors, resellers, chefs, restaurant-owners, buyers, sales operators.
  • Consumers: since apples are the testimonial products of the Program keeping into consideration the aspects connected to consumers’ age and to their role in relation to the purchase of food products.
  • Journalists, bloggers, opinion-leaders focused on agri-food sector, cooking, travels and lifestyle